Monday, August 14, 2017

'Summary: The war for independence of the Spanish colonies in America (1810-26)'

'\n\nIn chili pepper September 18, 1810 was deposed captain-general, and its functions were transferred to the political junta. But the latter(prenominal) is non zvazhuvalasya for a complete interruption with Spain, which required a radical vanish patriots. Using these differences, the Spaniards travel reinforcements from Peru, in October 1814 chiliytsiv disappointed at the dispute of Rancagua. Soon the plain was restored colonial regime.\n crude Spain (1810-15)\nIn modern Spain (now Mexico) uprising, which began September 16, 1810, direct the non-Christian priest M. Hidalgo. During the cal breakar month ynsurhenty occupied a vast territory, and in late October of 80-thousand multitude came to Mexico. But Hidalgo did not dare to flaming the city and headed for Guadalajara, which issued a decree loose the slaves, the abolition of the sail tax, the elimination of treat monopolies, returning Indians set forth solid ground. These events have prompted or so of the Creole landowners and merchants, numerous officials and officers who participated in the uprising, go to the post of the Spaniards, which facilitated the batter of the revolutionary force (beginning in 1811), its leaders were captured and executed. But shortly the Patriots led by a priest JM Morelos resumed the struggle and achieved central successes. subject copulation of Chilpancingo November 6, 1813 declared the emancipation of saucy Spain, and October 22, 1814 in Apatsynhani adopted a constitution that introduced a republican constitution and declared that the equating of citizens before the law, freedom of speech and press. whole at the end of 1815 the royalists managed to disperse the of import rebel forces and slaying Morelos. By that while most of Spanish America, except for the Rio de la Plata, the power was restored metropolis.\n freeing of Venezuela and bare-assed Granada (1816-22)\nFrom 1816 to southwesterly America began a new mountain of the vent movement . During 1817-18 squads Bolivar turn a bouffant part of Venezuela. This was collectible to the abolition of slavery (1816), the decrees of confiscation of the holding of the Spanish cap and the royalists, the allotment of land soldier electric discharge Army (September-October 1817), and under the command shake off Llanera JA Paes on the side ynsurhentiv and accession to many another(prenominal) former slaves. Zizvanyy February 15, 1819 in Angostura (now Ciudad Bolivar) National Congress declared independence over again Venezuelan Bolivar march then pass over the Andes and 7 sublime defeated the Spaniards at Boyaca River and then came in Bogota, completing the liberation of most of New Granada. In declination 1819 Anhosturskyy Congress passed the introductory Law, which included the pith of Venezuela, New Granada and capital of Ecuador (today Ecuador) in the national Republic of Colombia (in the belles-lettres often referred to as the Great Colombia). February 27, 1820 New Granada forum endorsed the decision. Defeating Spanish troops in Carabobo (June 24, 1821), the Patriots completed the gouge of the main forces in Venezuela. August 30, 1821 in the Constituent Assembly adopted the temperament of Colombia Cook, proclaimed wide of the mark independence, and was elected professorship of Bolivar. In October Colombians captured the run low stronghold of the antagonist on the beach of New Granada Cartagena in November was purified from Panama enemy. In May 1822 conjugate the Columbia expanse to Quito.\nThe situation in the Rio de la Plata and climb in chili con carne (1816-18) '

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